From the Range of Ruth Chier RosenWelcome to my cookbook blog. I share recipes and information from my previously published works. I also post stories about my experience of over six decades in the culinary arts.

It’s always a thrill to learn that my work finds its way through to today. Check out this recent article at D’Artagnan’s blog, which is a review of one of my books, “Pardon My Foie Gras: Between the Covers.” You can also read the introduction from the book here on my blog: Pardon My Foie Gras

My cookbooks are listed here. I will be sharing recipes from each one of the books over time. I invite you to try any of the recipes we discuss, and share feedback on experiences you’ve had or variations you’ve created.

I post my stories within my “I Remember…” tab above, but here they are in order if you’d like to directly link to them.

Read my very first post here. It includes a charming article by Clementine Paddleford in the New York Herald Tribune about the recipes that would soon make up my volume 1 of A Guide to Pink Elephants.

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