From Nets to You

From Nets to YouFrom Nets to You: A Log of Fish Recipes
144 pages, Copyright 1953
“Too few people are able to take advantage of the tremendous variety and economy offered by fish cookery. The reason is simple—they are not sufficiently familiar with more than a net full of species and are somewhat reluctant to tackle them. In reality, there are some very simple basic rules to follow that will help you to achieve great variety with ease. The greatest incentive, during these days of high prices, is the economy factor. Serving fish in one of the hundreds of interesting ways costs a fraction the expense of any kind of meat.
Fish cookery is simple, if you select the proper method of preparation and do not overcook it. The fat content of the variety of fish determines the method of cooking. Fish with a high fat content such as salmon or bass can be delicious baked or broiled because it will not become dried out. Lean fish is best suited to steaming, boiling or poaching, though, if frequently basted with melted fat can be broiled with success.”