Have Cookbook Will Marry

Have Cookbook, Will Marry

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Have Cookbook Will Marry: A Basic Cookbook For Today’s Bride
144 pages, Copyright 1957
Today, brides seem prepared for all the problems of everyday life, such as supplementing the family income, ability to organize home and family efficiently, balance the budget, and hundreds of other challenging tasks. However, many of us can’t cook. At least you think you can’t.
All you have to do is apply your same well organized method of doing things to the kitchen. Of course, there are practical do’s and don’ts we have included in our household guide section for your handy referral.
Let’s face it, cooking is an important skill and, as soon as you develop your individual touch, a bit of confidence and then some imagination, the sooner you’ll enjoy this inevitable domestic art and enjoy entertaining friends and family. I hope the following suggestions will help.”

Try the recipe Caraway Potatoes, page 87 by clicking here.
Try the recipe Grapes Jill, page 119 by clicking here.

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