Chef’s Tour

The Chefs' TourThe Chef’s Tour: A Visit into Foreign Kitchens
144 pages, Copyright 1952
“America’s reputation as a melting pot is most clearly evident in her food habits. We have more international flavor in our daily cooking than most nations, since in it are the native dishes of some group of Americans.
Better understanding among the peoples of the world is a must in our times. Here is an occasion where you can really achieve understanding of the daily habits of your world neighbor. Since we all have a distinctive cultural, national, and therefore, different food heritage, nearly all foreign dishes are prepared here. Not all the same spices and herbs are commonly used, but you can come quite close to authenticity. Why not try these recipes and pay a visit into foreign kitchens with us.”

Try the recipe Frogs Legs Provencal, page 51 by clicking here.

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Store sample recipe is: Cabbage and Beet Salad from Sweden