Having A Ball

Having A BallHaving a Ball: Party Menus & Recipes for Every Occasion
140 pages, Copyright 1959
“Just as everyone is different, so are all parties different. Some are simple, spur of the moment affairs where the hostess evidences her ingenuity in her use of the foods kept in pantry, refrigerator and freezer. Other parties are plotted well in advance with careful attention to all details. Some cooking may be done far in advance, if a freezer is at hand, and other preparations may be done a day or two in advance.
One hostess I know has all cooking done by the day prior to the party and spends P-day arranging decorations, linens, table settings, and other last minute details that take so much time.
I have had many requests for recipes to “feed a crowd.” I have attempted to give suggestions for a variety of different types and sizes of parties and hope that I have succeeded in meeting the party needs of many of you.”

Try the recipe Chicken Breasts Amandine, page 93 by clicking here. Enjoy!