HisHIS: Favorite Recipes For Men
140 pages, Copyright 1958
“Most Household cooks will agree that the type and variety of daily fare depends on HIS tastes. They can deviate from his special favorites for entertaining but what about the day to day culinary routine?
We’ve done some extensive polling and have (not without fear of some dissenting male voices) arrived at this collection as quite representative of simple hearty fare preferred by men. Being surrounded by men (3) I consider myself to be quite an authority. I hope the men will agree.
We have avoided dishes that have disguised ingredients, tea room appearance, minute portion control and have that vanishing feeling 30 minutes later.
We’ve tried to meet the despair heard in so many women’s voices when they say, “My husband only likes simple foods.” Simple, but well prepared and attractively served have been our aim. We hope we’ve successfully hit our mark.”