Instantly Delicious

Instantly DeliciousInstantly Delicious: Gourmet Recipes Using Canned, Frozen and Ready Mixed Foods
140 pages, Copyright 1964
“More than twenty-four and a half million women, half of them married, holding one third of the nation’s jobs, and earning over $45,000,000 annually, need INSTANTLY DELICIOUS. Appetizing food is available at every stage of readiness, awaiting imaginative combining, garnishing, chilling or heating. Food is available as powder, flake or cube, dehydrated, packaged, canned, bottled, jarred, frozen, ready to cook, bake, defrost, ready to heat and even just ready to eat. Some ready to eat foods do not please the individual. Included here are ways of altering them to your taste with ease. Quality and appeal need not to be sacrificed for speed and convenience. Stock convenience food to eliminate hours of marketing, preparation and cooking time.
These recipes provide ideas for using our wealth of convenience food and equipment…”

Try the recipe Turkey and Ham Mornay, page 53 by clicking here.

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