Pop, Monsieur

Pop, MonsieurPop, Monsieur: Cooking with Champagne
140 pages, Copyright 1956
“Champagne is the most glamorous wine in the world. But, too often, it is considered only as a drink and its potential in food is overlooked.
Its glamorous qualities are transmitted to many dishes from soups, sauces, main dishes to delicate desserts. The occasional bottle of champagne that has not been completely finished is one destined for the kitchen of the discriminating. The wine need not retain its effervescence for cooking, thus may even be used several days after opening.
Since champagne is one wine that is appropriately served before, throughout and after the meal, when opening a bottle for cooking, remember to serve the rest at your meal. There is nothing mysterious about champagne cookery. Employ it as you would any fine wine. Champagne used in cooking is one way of telling your family and friends that you hold them in high esteem.”