Say Cheese

Say CheeseSay Cheese: The Art of Cooking with Cheese
140 pages, Copyright 1962
“My introduction to cheese did not take place until I was an adult. Though many years have elapsed since I first became a cheese aficionado, I still cannot take the variety and nuances of good cheese for granted. In the years I have been writing books on food, cheese has always been my favorite subject of research and enjoyment.
Travel alone will enable you to taste some of those cheeses which do not travel well. Still with rapid, efficient transportation a good variety of domestic and imported cheeses are available in many communities. Occasionally extraordinary imported cheeses can be secured, but this entails research. My effort in discovery of a fine cheese has always been rewarded by a great gastronomical experience.
A list of some of the outstanding cheeses of the world with a description of their qualities follows. I hope you will sample them and discover new cheeses and ways of using them in preparing food in the recipes included in this book.”