Three Crowns

Three CrownsThree Crowns: Scandinavian Favorites from Sweden, Norway, Denmark
142 pages, Copyright 1965
“French and international dishes are enjoyed throughout the Scandinavian countries. But many dishes are distinctively their own. Most memorable was the smorrebrod, open sandwich. Open sandwiches may be either “flat,” made at home for school and work lunch boxes; or “high,” built up to fit the description. A thin slice of dark rye bread is generously spread with fresh butter to prevent sogginess from moist toppings. Anchored on the butter are fish, shellfish, roast or smoked meats, poultry, ham, salami, eggs, cheese, or liver. The top and final layer gives the special signature of the artistic chef.
We sampled many national dishes throughout the North countries, such as soups, herring with sour cream and chives or dill, tiny shrimp, pastry, and red fruit gruel. Since food is a leading export of the Scandinavian countries their products are readily available in our country.”