Dig That Dish, Hardbound Edition

Dig That DishDig That Dish: Cooking for the In Group
Hardbound Edition
160 pages, Copyright 1967
“Here are party menus and recipes particularly for teenagers. Included are swinging party ideas for the “in-group.” Recipes for food that is easily prepared and served are clearly and interestingly presented. Party ideas for all occasions; Graduation day, April Fool, Sweet Sixteen, prom, Theatre Parties. Discotheques give the teen a head start toward successful party giving.
About the Author
Ruth Chier Rosen is a Midwesterner born in Minneapolis. She graduated from Smith College, cum laude. Since graduating she has attended many cooking schools and has samples the wide variety of good that New York and foreign lands have to offer. She lives in New York City with her publisher husband and two sons. She is the director of The Creative Recipe Institute which does recipe development for food and appliance companies and publications and prepares food for photography.”

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