Shared Recipes: Frogs Legs Provencal

page 51 from The Chef's Tour

Frogs Legs Provencal This recipe is from The Chef’s Tour: A Visit into Foreign Kitchens, originally published in 1952. This cookbook was the result of my sampling various international recipes, both in my travels and at restaurants in New York City. I enjoyed discerning the ingredients of each dish through my palette, and then I […]

Shared Recipes: Turkey and Ham Mornay

page 53 of Instantly Delicious

Turkey and Ham Mornay This recipe is from Instantly Delicious: Gourmet Recipes Using Canned, Frozen, and Ready Mixed Foods, originally published in 1964. This cookbook was perfect for the busy homemaker—and often impromptu hostess—who would be faced with the challenge of creating amazing dishes from anything readily on hand. Enjoy! • 2 C cooked instant […]