Big Spread, Third Printing

The Big Spread third printingThe Big Spread: An Encyclopedia of Hors D’oeuvres and Canapes
144 pages, Copyright 1953
This was the third printing of The Big Spread. The second printing (1953) had the same cover and content as the original (1952). This third printing has different photographs and a different cover—they’re having a fabulous time at this party!
“Parties, small and intimate or large and formal, have one basic element in common: Food must appear. Whether the gathering is an outstanding success often depends upon what there is to eat and how it is presented. Every hostess at one time or another wonders: ‘What shall I serve?’ THE BIG SPREAD is designed to meet this ever present query.
If friends drop in unexpectedly, there are many suggestions for party-fare to be taken from your pantry or refrigerator shelf. If you are planning an elegant and elaborate entertainment, select your favorites from among the following pages. Above all, however simple the fare, use your most attractive linens and serving accessories. Remember that eye appeal means more taste appeal. The DECORATIVE EDIBLES lend a gay note to the simplest food.”

Take a look at the original issue here.

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