Epicurean Guide, Revised Edition

The Epicurean Guide RevisedThe Epicurean Guide, Revised Edition
Festive Recipes on Washable Plasticized Cards
144 pages, Copyright 1956
This one is a second edition, fewer pages than its predecessor, but finessed organization in the tabs.* It gave me a chance to revisit my very first and fully loaded cookbook, which will always be a favorite of mine.
A New Look
A large proportion of the nearly 1200 meals consumed by your family annually are prepared by you. Most of them, excluding birthdays, holidays, and VIP meals, are the daily variety that breed boredom with cooking. You can easily make the most ordinary meal interesting to prepare and worthy of cheers from the family weary of the sameness but appreciative enough of your chores not to complain. The following recipes are designed with an awareness of this situation. Every meal cannot be a banquet since there are limits of time and budget, but they can be a bit interesting and new. It only takes a little planning to add a new spice, dress up vegetables with almonds, mushrooms or water chestnuts, or serve the old favorite rice in a ring mold. Your own inventiveness can come into play stimulated by these ideas, incorporated in this valuable collection of hard-to-beat, easy-to-eat recipes.”
* Tabbed divisions are:
• Soups / Sauces • Fish / Shellfish • Meat / Poultry • Dressings / Salads / Vegetables • Eggs / Cheese / Desserts
Take a look at the first edition here.

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