The Terrace Chef, First Edition

Horizontal issue Terrace ChefThe Terrace Chef: Festive Barbecue Recipes
Horizontal Layout, First Edition

142 pages, Copyright 1952
“The day of elaborate entertaining is past and the informal, casual BARBECUE has taken its place. This, much to the delight of hostess and guest alike. Barbecues have become popular for several very definite reasons. The foremost reason that occurs to anyone who has attended a real Western style barbecue is the good food.
Since it is most commonly held outdoors, you work up a healthy appetite for good hearty steaks, ribs, frank, roasts and burgers with or without tangy sauces. Accompaniments should be of the finger variety: pickles, potato chips or sticks, egg tomatoes, carrot curls, corn on the cob and hard boiled eggs.
The keynote of a successful barbecue is participation on a division of labor policy. One guest can be appointed bartender, another fire watcher, another server and so on. Nothing makes a successful party like making your guests feel important and needed—and they are!”

Click here to take a look at the second printing. It has the same content as this first edition; I just changed the orientation of the coil, layout, and cover. Both books include this quote from William Shakespeare—we were inspired:
“Epicurean cooks
Sharpen with Cloyless
Sauce His Appetite”

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