Tooth Sweet, Second Printing

Tooth Sweet cover 2Tooth Sweet: A Journal of Desserts Featuring Holiday Specialties
140 pages, Copyright 1955
This cookbook was a second printing of the original, both printed in the same year. I changed the cover from the original, replacing it with this perky apron-ed baker, ready to share her sweets.
“Never-fail” recipes for dessert have let down many a new bride or inexperienced cook. This need not happen if all the baking rules are observed. An excellent recipe is required. Use the best available ingredients; use cake flour for cakes, pancake flour for pancakes; use ingredients at the proper temperatures; i.e. egg whites beat to largest volume when room temperature while heavy cream must be very cold before whipping.
Baking utensils are very important. The proper size baking dish can make or break a souffle. Cake pans should be well polished with a high gloss for best results, while pie tins are best when dull to prevent overbrowning. Your oven temperature, insulation and regulator should be checked to assure even temperature. It is worth the effort. A sweet tooth should be catered to with top quality delectables.”

Take a look at the first issue here.

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