Shared Recipes: Beer Spice Cake

beer spice cake recipe

Beer Spice Cake This recipe is from The Outdoor Chef…This Calls for Budweiser, originally published in 1963. Richard and I loved outdoor cooking and being inventive with the Grill. This partnership with Budweiser and the Standardized Outdoor Advertising Industry was very fun for us. We included recipes from our original The Terrace Chef, but added […]

The Outdoor Chef…This Calls for Budweiser

cover of the outdoor chef / budw

The Outdoor Chef…This Calls for Budweiser 164 pages, Copyright 1963 “Remindful that the day of elaborate entertaining is past and the informal casual outdoor barbeque has taken its place, THE OUTDOOR CHEF with a special Budweiser Beer section is designed to help you enjoy many successful outdoor barbeques. It has been produced for you by […]

Shared Recipes: Crab Meat in Avocado

Crab Meat in Avocado This recipe is from the Vita Party Book, originally published in 1971. You can see immediately the book format was a departure for us. This was a paperback book instead of our flip recipe books. While Vita is no longer packaging King Crab Meat, you can easily substitute grocery-found canned crab meat […]

Vita Party Book

Cover of Vita Party Cookbook

Vita Party Book 152 pages, Copyright 1971 Published by Popular Library, New York “Parties are for me. Any occasion will do from a traditional Thanksgiving to Get-Yourself-Together Day on St. Marks Place. Eating as a social event is my favorite hobby. There is nothing more convivial or welkin ringing than festive dining with a new […]

Shared Recipes: Herring Salad Rémoulade

herring salad remoulade recipe

Herring Salad Rémoulade This recipe is from the Vita Party Book, originally published in 1971. This book was fun to produce. I created menus for several occasions and incorporated the beautiful seafood offerings of Vita Food Products, Incorporated. I originated more than 140 recipes, including this one that uses Vita’s Herring Tastee Bits in Wine Sauce, […]