Vita Party Book

Cover of Vita Party CookbookVita Party Book
152 pages, Copyright 1971
Published by Popular Library, New York

“Parties are for me. Any occasion will do from a traditional Thanksgiving to Get-Yourself-Together Day on St. Marks Place. Eating as a social event is my favorite hobby. There is nothing more convivial or welkin ringing than festive dining with a new or an old friend. Such activities make old friends of new ones. This unique party book is designed for the growing number of thoughtful hostesses who are the “NOW” people. They know that fish is IN. Not only is it delicious, flexible, and economical for every meal, but it has even more important attributes. It is low in calories, low in cholesterol, low in fat, and high in proteins. Yoga and Zen advocates have believed for centuries that fish is preferable to meat in promoting good health and life forces.
The following suggested menus will be helpful in planning meals for family and friends with the great variety of vita pickled, frozen, smoked and prepared fish available in supermarkets and delicatessen shops throughout the country. There are many old favorites, new innovations, and slightly different ways of serving your familiar Vita favorites.
A party is a state of mind. When you’re feeling festive, solo dining can be a party. One or more friends or even everyday-garden-variety family can be considered a party. All that is necessary is a change of pace from your usual routine.
If you use white, double-damask napkins daily, change and use psychedelic-colored paper ones with contrasting tablecloth. If you use paper ones daily, change to linen. They will notice! I promise. The following recipes and menus will give you some ideas to begin with. A starred item in a menu denotes that the recipe follows. Your own inventiveness will carry on and indicate untrodden herring ways that will please your family and friends.”

I created this book under my role as Director of the Creative Recipe Institute, which produced culinary books, pamphlets, and food photography for other companies. We published through Popular Library Publishing with Vita Food Products, Incorporated. I filled their book with more than 140 recipes featuring pickled, frozen, or smoked Vita Food Products. The publisher even included Vita product coupons with notes to “Mr. Grocer” and the “Product Manager.”

King Crab Coupon

Three coupons were included in the back of the book for King Crab Meat, Mother’s Margarine, and Vita Herring Party Snacks.

Try the recipe Herring Salad Rémoulade, page 25 by clicking here.
Try the recipe Crab Meat in Avocado, page 77 by clicking here.

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