A Family Affair

In addition to focusing on creating recipes and publishing my cookbooks, my husband and I published other food-related books, and some of our authors were very near and dear to us. My friend just Mark went on a diet this summer—don’t we all try?, and he emailed me that he’s enjoying one of these food-related booThe Weigh of All Fleshks that we published long ago. I’ll share them all with you, one-by-one.

This post focuses on what Mark is enjoying and experimenting with, The Weigh of All Flesh, by Reuben D. Chier M.D.

Dr. Rueben Chier was my uncle. He was an M.D. in Los Angeles. We published this in 1953, during a time when our generation wasn’t so fixated on better health and diet. In the vein of Handy Aid Cookbooks, it was a Handy Diet Book. When I look at it now, I really do marvel at where we were “at” back then. Our first page quotes George Herbert: “Whatsoever was the father of a disease, an ill diet was the mother.” Along with weight charts, calorie charts, recipes, a 7 day diet and a 15 day diet to lose 10 pounds, there is an exercise section.
My uncle’s writing is straightforward and pulls no punches when it comes to exercising and weight loss, “Exercising for weight reduction is a pretty futile task. It takes a tremendous amount of sustained exercise to lose weight that will stay off. Several miles of running are required to take off the weight put on by the whipped cream on your dessert. The only way to lose weight and keep it off is by reducing the calorie intake. Exercising to keep fit, improve posture, and tighten up flabby muscles is certainly beneficial…It is not necessary to spend long hours on exercises. A few minutes morning and evening of regular exercises will do wonders and make you feel and look pounds lighter, although your scale may not corroborate this.” Of some of the recipes, there’s Diet Mayonnaise, Beef Sauce, Tomato Aspic Salad, Broiled Fish, Broiled Lamb Chops, Broiled Grapefruit, a Sauerkraut Juice Cocktail and a Fresh Peach in Chianti. Really, any of these would delight & satisfy a dieter’s palate. My assistant, inspired by our revisit to this book, is going to try the 7 day diet and report back to me. Here’s a sample of one of the menus for the 7 day diet, which has caloric intake to just under or just above 1000 calories per day:
Fourth Day Diet
That seems like a LOT of food, doesn’t it? The emphasis is three square meals a day, with a variety that will satiate a dieting body. So often we sacrifice feeling well-fed when dieting, which inevitably leads to snack cheating for most of us. Even if you’re not the type of dieter that believes in watching calories, you have to admit, this is plenty of healthy food for one day and delicious enough in variety to forget you’re actually dieting. Today I’ll share Perfection Salad with you, enjoy!

RuthThe Diet: The Weigh of All Flesh
SHARED RECIPE:  Perfection Salad

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Click this card for the Shared Recipe post

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