Little did I know in 1957 when I wrote Have Cookbook Will Marry that 55 years hence the audience for this book would double from its original focus, the bride-to-be. Today’s marriages come in many varieties, and a marital partnership no longer needs to include a traditional 50s bride at all, but two domestic partners of any gender!

In May of last year, I had the great pleasure attending one of the first such legal marriages. Two close male friends of mine were married at the Secret Garden in the New York Central Park Conservancy. They wedded after being together for 15 years. To say it was probably one of the most beautiful weddings I have attended in all my ?? years is the understatement of the century.

Have Cookbook, Will Marry

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One of the grooms is a design planner, with flowers being the dominant and innovative specialty in his events in New York City. Bill Cunningham, the prominent photographer of social events was present. Instantly impressed by the look and feel of the event, he quickly started snapping his camera. The photos, displaying the groomsmen with their two little white dogs, were in the New York Times that very same day!

Both grooms are excellent chefs in addition to their many other talents. To tell you why I relate this event is to tell you that Have Cookbook Will Marry is a favorite of theirs for the ease, speed, and the innovative aspect they use in their busy lives. That reminds me of when Richard and I were first married. We were embarking on our partnership together as husband and wife, but also business partners. While I was writing Have Cookbook Will Marry almost 10 years after my beautiful wedding to Dick, I thought about how the times, customs, and technology had moved on since those early fifties days of ours, and how much I have learned and experience about Homemaking.

But what hasn’t changed are the needs, especially cooking tempting, attractive meals prepared with speed, economy, and creativity. This 21st century couple has all the best of methods, means, and certainly creativity to put all my recipes to their best advantage. 60 years later I am watching two fabulous energies get married, who are also work-aholics and perfectionists, and whose genius can be seen in their details. How wonderful an accolade to know they love my book!

As our A Guide to Pink Elephants is a favorite of chefs & cocktail fans, our Have Cookbook Will Marry also appeals to ALL our fans. The official who presided at the Wedding ceremony said, “I now pronounce you PARTNERS FOR LIFE,” I like to think that our books were designed with this in mind. Try these TWO recipes from Have Cookbook Will Marry and share them with your partner or your best friend. The book is also now at our online store. The two recipes I chose to share are Grapes Jill, and Caraway Potatoes. I chose them because they’re a favorite, just like this couple.

—Chiers, Ruth

The Cookbook: Have Cookbook Will Marry

SHARED RECIPE: Caraway Potatoes

Caraway Potatoes shared Recipe from Have Cookbook Will Marry

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Grapes Jill shared recipe from Have Cookbook Will Marry

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  1. Your post is sensational! I love reading about your life. You do so many interesting things and always bring it back around to cooking and you’re trying some of your incredible recipes.
    I can’t wait to try GRAPES JILL tonight! What a special treat for my husband!

  2. Linda Levine says:

    You never cease to amaze me with your intellect, knowhow, and charm. People half your age could learn how to live life by your example. I am thrilled to read your weekly post and delectable recipes. Knowing you has been one of the special parts of my life. Love your posts and you.

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