About Ruth Chier Rosen

Back Cover BioThis brief bio of me is from the back of Wick and Lick: A Gazette of Chafing Dish Specialties, originally published in 1954. The opening line of the introduction to this recipe book is, “If you keep anything long enough, it is certain to come back into style.

58 years after publishing this book, I am being asked to write about myself, and share details of my life’s work with a new generation of culinary enthusiasts.


Each book, starting with The Epicurean Guide and finishing with Fondue is Beautiful, speaks to a chapter in my life. Perhaps the best way to tell my story is to share details and memories of each book, each chapter of my pursuit in the Culinary Arts. I hope to accomplish that here, through my blog.

My first blog entry, posted in my Thoughts of the Week, shares the start of it all, plus a fun early press clipping from the New York Herald Tribune. It was a whirlwind then, and still is today.

I look forward to hearing from you, sharing recipes, and creating something fabulous together.



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    –Thank you for such a lovely post. Chiers Ruth

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