The Outdoor Chef…This Calls for Budweiser

cover of the outdoor chef / budw

The Outdoor Chef…This Calls for Budweiser 164 pages, Copyright 1963 “Remindful that the day of elaborate entertaining is past and the informal casual outdoor barbeque has taken its place, THE OUTDOOR CHEF with a special Budweiser Beer section is designed to help you enjoy many successful outdoor barbeques. It has been produced for you by […]

Vita Party Book

Cover of Vita Party Cookbook

Vita Party Book 152 pages, Copyright 1971 Published by Popular Library, New York “Parties are for me. Any occasion will do from a traditional Thanksgiving to Get-Yourself-Together Day on St. Marks Place. Eating as a social event is my favorite hobby. There is nothing more convivial or welkin ringing than festive dining with a new […]

Dig That Dish: Teen-Age Party Menus & Recipes For All Occasions

Dig that Dish, 1960

Dig That Dish: Teen-Age Party Menus & Recipes For All Occasions First Edition 160 pages, Copyright 1960 “A successful party takes ideas, organization, and your shoulder to the wheel. When it is successful there is nothing like the satisfaction of knowing you put it across. The easiest way to do it is to set a […]

Tooth Sweet, Second Printing

Tooth Sweet cover 2

Tooth Sweet: A Journal of Desserts Featuring Holiday Specialties 140 pages, Copyright 1955 This cookbook was a second printing of the original, both printed in the same year. I changed the cover from the original, replacing it with this perky apron-ed baker, ready to share her sweets. “Never-fail” recipes for dessert have let down many […]

The Terrace Chef, First Edition

Horizontal issue Terrace Chef

The Terrace Chef: Festive Barbecue Recipes Horizontal Layout, First Edition 142 pages, Copyright 1952 “The day of elaborate entertaining is past and the informal, casual BARBECUE has taken its place. This, much to the delight of hostess and guest alike. Barbecues have become popular for several very definite reasons. The foremost reason that occurs to […]

Big Spread, Third Printing

The Big Spread third printing

The Big Spread: An Encyclopedia of Hors D’oeuvres and Canapes 144 pages, Copyright 1953 This was the third printing of The Big Spread. The second printing (1953) had the same cover and content as the original (1952). This third printing has different photographs and a different cover—they’re having a fabulous time at this party! “Parties, […]

Epicurean Guide, Revised Edition

The Epicurean Guide Revised

The Epicurean Guide, Revised Edition Festive Recipes on Washable Plasticized Cards 144 pages, Copyright 1956 This one is a second edition, fewer pages than its predecessor, but finessed organization in the tabs.* It gave me a chance to revisit my very first and fully loaded cookbook, which will always be a favorite of mine. “A […]

Tomato Well Dressed, Second Printing

A Tomato Well Dressed, 2

A Tomato Well Dressed: The Art of Salad Making 146 page, Copyright 1953 This cookbook was a second printing of the original, with a new cover featuring a lovable plump tomato. “Salads are the most versatile of food combinations. They are served as every course of your meal at one time or another. Sometimes, a […]

Dig That Dish, Hardbound Edition

Dig That Dish

Dig That Dish: Cooking for the In Group Hardbound Edition 160 pages, Copyright 1967 “Here are party menus and recipes particularly for teenagers. Included are swinging party ideas for the “in-group.” Recipes for food that is easily prepared and served are clearly and interestingly presented. Party ideas for all occasions; Graduation day, April Fool, Sweet […]

Wendy’s Kitchen Debut

Wendy's Kitchen Debut

Wendy’s Kitchen Debut: An Illustrated Cook Book for Children of All Ages… 72 pages, Copyright 1953 “Dear Friends, I have had fun cooking ever since the first time I asked Mother to let me help her in the kitchen. Chip, my little brother, is able to do a lot of things in the kitchen too, […]