Shared Recipes: House & Garden, 1954

beach dinner

Complete Menus for Weekend Entertaining: To Give Every Hostess the Freedom of a Guest This shared recipe group is from House & Garden’s Summer Cook Book Guide. My husband and I had a great time pulling together dozens of recipes for this issue. The first section, “Complete Menus for Weekend Entertaining,” focused on how careful […]

Shared Recipes: Vitello Parmigiano, Salsa Marinara, and Insalata di Lattughe

Vitello Parmigiano, Salsa Marinara, and Isalata di Lattughe. ENJOY! Vitello Parmigiano • 8 slices veal scaloppine • Salt and pepper • 1/2 t garlic salt • 1/2 t oregano • 2 eggs, beaten • 1/c C grated parmesan • 1/2 C bread crumbs • 1 t paprika • 1/4 c olive oil • 1/2 lb Mozzarella […]

Shared Recipes: Prosciutto Con Spaghetti

Prosciutto Con Spaghetti This recipe is from  Thank You Mr. Columbus: The Choice Cuisine of Italy, originally published in 1956. My friend Mark supplied the image above from a meal he planned in celebration of Columbus Day. Enjoy! • 4 oz elbow spaghetti • 1/4 c olive oil • 1/4 c chopped onion • 2 Tsp. chopped parsley • 1/2 lb […]

Shared Recipes: Antipasto

Antipasto This recipe is from the Thank You Mr. Columbus: The Choice Cuisine of Italy, originally published in 1956. It is a very simple recipe, that allows you to utilize what’s in your fridge, cabinet, or freezer. Anything can become a fun offering with imagination and a bit of craft. Enjoy! • Artichoke hearts in olive oil • […]

Shared Recipes: Perfection Salad

Perfection Salad–ZERO CALORIES! This recipe is from The Weigh of all Flesh, by Reuben D. Chier, M.D., my uncle. We published it in 1953. It is a comprehensive diet guide, which includes calorie charts, an ideal weight caloric intake guide, a 7 day and a 15 day diet plan, low-cal recipes, exercises, and a calorie counter […]

Shared Recipes: Beer Spice Cake

beer spice cake recipe

Beer Spice Cake This recipe is from The Outdoor Chef…This Calls for Budweiser, originally published in 1963. Richard and I loved outdoor cooking and being inventive with the Grill. This partnership with Budweiser and the Standardized Outdoor Advertising Industry was very fun for us. We included recipes from our original The Terrace Chef, but added […]

Shared Recipes: Crab Meat in Avocado

Crab Meat in Avocado This recipe is from the Vita Party Book, originally published in 1971. You can see immediately the book format was a departure for us. This was a paperback book instead of our flip recipe books. While Vita is no longer packaging King Crab Meat, you can easily substitute grocery-found canned crab meat […]

Shared Recipes: Herring Salad Rémoulade

herring salad remoulade recipe

Herring Salad Rémoulade This recipe is from the Vita Party Book, originally published in 1971. This book was fun to produce. I created menus for several occasions and incorporated the beautiful seafood offerings of Vita Food Products, Incorporated. I originated more than 140 recipes, including this one that uses Vita’s Herring Tastee Bits in Wine Sauce, […]

Shared Recipes: Sieu Pi Kwat Barbecued Spareribs

Sieu Pi Kwat Barbecued Spareribs This recipe is from Ancestral Recipes of Shen Mei Lon, originally published in 1954. Richard and I traveled throughout the Orient, enjoying local cultures and fantastic culinary feats. I’ll share more of those travel memories in another post soon. In the meantime, I am sharing one of the many recipes in […]

Shared Recipes: Caraway Potatoes

Caraway Potatoes This recipe is from Have Cookbook Will Marry, originally published in 1957. This cookbook was intended for the blushing bride, to empower her in all ways that would be new, including providing meals for a new household. Many of the recipes were meant to be truly easy to make, while delivering BIG taste. […]