A Friend in the Kitchen

I’d like to share some beautiful photographs of one of my dishes, which a ‘friend in the kitchen’ produced for me. The recipe is “Pepper Steak, Ranch Style” from Entertaining Snacks After Dark. That was a particularly fabulous cookbook to pull together because of the late-night theme, and I love the profile of the fabulous […]

Lunch Hour NYC @ NYPL

It’s been a while, but I am GLAD to be back in the swing of things. While on hiatus, I was thrilled to learn from my friend Wendy, that my book, Ancestral Recipes of Shin Mei Lon was included in the New York Public Library exhibit of “Lunch Hour NYC.” The exhibit was co-curated by […]


Little did I know in 1957 when I wrote Have Cookbook Will Marry that 55 years hence the audience for this book would double from its original focus, the bride-to-be. Today’s marriages come in many varieties, and a marital partnership no longer needs to include a traditional 50s bride at all, but two domestic partners […]

Producing Cookbooks: The Old-Fashioned Way

The Chefs' Tour

When my husband and I decided to start manufacturing our Handy Aid Cookbooks we realized quickly that the most cost-efficient way to do so was to do them ourselves. I did all the recipe developing and writing in my apartment. But the books had to be printed on huge sheets of plastic-coated stock and then […]

Pink Elephants, Then and Now

A Guide to Pink Elephants, Volume 1, the app

Well it looks like I am back in the publishing business. I’ve added another offering to my list—A Guide to Pink Elephants, Volume 1, THE APP! What a thrill! It’s the original content from my first drink guide, but now people can use it on their iPad. I’ve already received rave. . .READ MORE OF […]

RESOURCEFUL: The 1950s Way

Having A Ball

Getting ever-increasing orders from bookstores and department stories for our Handy Aid books was one of the most exciting things that ever happened to me. We had a business. People were actually buying what we were creating, and in big numbers. Every entrepreneur knows the feeling: your baby is growing. But this is a baby […]

Culinarily Challenged in New York in 1948

Instantly Delicious

Eighteen years in my mother’ s house in Milwaukee, and four years in a dormitory in Smith College, left me ill-prepared to cook for my husband and myself in our tiny studio apartment with a pullman kitchen. Dick and I married in 1947; he was eight years my senior. This is how we met: Dick […]

The Shop Doors are Open

Tooth Sweet

Some sharp-eyed followers of my blog may have seen that the foodofthefifties shop is now open for business. It has taken a bit of time to arrange my large inventory of cook books into the appropriate categories of “good, better, best,” which are correspondingly called, “Kitchen, Vintage, and Pristine Plus” at the online shop. You […]


Handy Aid Book: Cuisine Arts

When the first glimmers of a resurgence of interest in my cookbooks began among a number of book collectors and food enthusiasts who contacted me, I thought, “HOW GREAT!” I had stopped writing and publishing my Handy Aid Cookbooks more than 40 years ago. The years went by, my husband, Dick, and I retired to […]