Dinner à la Rosen

My friend Mark has REALLY outdone himself. He created an amazing culinary event for his loved ones, pulling together various recipes from my cookbooks, and he did it with such flare and thoughtfulness, I wanted to share the event with you, as he shared it with me. His marvelous photographs say more than words can about what a splendid evening it must have been. He chose recipes from A Guide to Pink Elephants, Volume 1, The Big Spread, A Tomato Well Dressed, Instantly Delicious, Cyrano de Casserole, The Epicurean Guide, and Tooth Sweet. You can just imagine how my head was spinning from what he accomplished–and all that he did to create such a feast. It reminded me of the art of Hosting / Hostessing from decades ago, and how through thoughtful and imaginative planning, attention to detail, and a love for food will turn any night into a lasting, enjoyable memory. The Art of Entertaining is alive and well thanks to Mark and friends like him, who take time to build and appreciate a lasting, enriching experience.

Without further ado, I share with you Mark’s “Dinner à la Rosen,” And first… the cocktails:

The Manhattan Cocktail from A Guide to Pink Elephants, Volume 1
• 1 1/2 oz. Rye or Bourbon
• 3/4 oz. sweet Vermouth
• 1 dash Angostura bitters
Stir in glass container with ice cubes. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass and serve with maraschino cherry. While sipping cocktails and snacking on Mushroom Rounds, his dinner guests were feasting their eyes on Mark’s Menu:

dinner menuThe act of cooking is naturally elevated when attention to–and love for–details is at the forefront. Mark’s copy of my first edition Big Spread sits next to fabulous 50’s-like pics, contained in this adorable ceramic piece:

The Big spread cover and cute owlAnd look at these plump, inviting tomatoes that are about to be well-treated in A Tomato Well Dressed:

A Tomato Well Dressed CoverThe ding of this adorable timer sets the tone for Instantly Delicious:

Instantly Delicious CoverAnd you MUST appreciate the perfect staging of this Casserole within the Casserole!Cyrano d Casserole CoverAnd now feast YOUR eyes on Mark’s work!

French Salad Bowl:

Fabulous saladThe Dinner Plate, combining Minute Steak Diane, Broccoli Italian, and Potato Supreme:

Dinner plateDive right into Potato Supreme!FABULOUS Potatoes!Dessert Time!

DessertMark paired his dinner with a lovely Cocobon, and of course, candlelight, ambiance, and lovely friends:


I hope Mark’s evening inspires the Host or Hostess in you, whether you decide to tackle an upcoming holiday or just a plain old Tuesday! Create away and enjoy your days with loved ones. A well-planned and executed meal makes Life a thousand times more pleasurable.

Click on the title below for my blog pages on each book Mark used:
A Guide to Pink Elephants, Volume 1
The Big Spread

A Tomato Well Dressed

Instantly Delicious

Cyrano de Casserole

The Epicurean Guide

Tooth Sweet

The Books at my shop:
A Guide to Pink Elephants, Volume 1
The Big Spread
A Tomato Well Dressed

Instantly Delicious

A Guide to Pink Elephants, Volume 1




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