Glad Tidings…

By now you may well know the beautiful renditions of my recipes through my friend Mark’s photography. While I had originally planned to share a recipe card every time I wrote a blog entry, the joy of being able to share a recipe WITH beautiful photographs is even better than I could have imagined. Once again, Mark has graciously shared one of his fabulous 50’s inspired meals with us. I am so happy to show you his latest work.

Mark celebrated Columbus Day by taking a dive into Thank You Mr. Columbus. He created yet another mouth-watering meal. Part of his meal included my Vitello Parmigiano, which I will share with you in my next post, but first, I’d like you to feast your eyes on Prosciutto Con Spaghetti. He ventured into Stirring Sauc-ery too, to create the Béchamel sauce used in Prosciutto Con Spaghetti. Not only that, he made the most delectable-looking antipasto, and he definitely rose to my recipe’s challenge to use “ingenuity in preparing the most attractive display…” Well, you can see for yourself, he CERTAINLY DID! Glad tiding to this new tradition of creatively combining a few recipes from more than one book, and accomplishing a feast that rivals the greatest chefs! I hope that Mark’s work will inspire you in the coming year to try a new recipe or two, and make your table a place of beauty for the eyes & palate.


The Antipasto Original:

Original Anitpasto

Atipasto Recipe“Use your ingenuity in preparing the most attractive display of some or all of the listed foods to stimulate the appetite. This is a good way to utilize left overs, especially small amounts.”

Today’s Antipasto:

close up
Antipasto Plate
The Original Prosciutto Con Spaghetti:
Prosciutto Con Spaghetti
SHARED RECIPES: Prosciutto Con Spaghetti & Béchamel Sauce
PCS Recipe Card
Bechamel sauce
Today’s Prosciutto Con Spaghetti & Béchamel Sauce:Steaming Mushrooms
Bechamel Sauce cooking
Delicious Prosciutto
My recipe calls for 1/2 lb of “prosciutto, Italian ham,” but allow me to steer you toward my friends at D’artagnan if you’re feeling experimental. They have a lovely French prosciutto and a duck prosciutto for when you’re feeling REALLY creative! They posted a blog entry on my cookbook “Pardon my Foie Gras,” which is the companion cookbook to “Thank you Mr. Columbus.”Casserole
Plated Prosciutto
Next I will share with you Mark’s Vitello Parmigiano. Stay tuned…

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