Italy at your Service

map of italy & bookAs promised, I am sharing another favorite with you, via photographs & presentation by my friend Mark. The joy of cooking is clearly seen, and takes me back to when I published Thank You Mr. Columbus. The Italian offerings are classic, and it was a joy to compile all my experiments into one little Italian-cooking companion, back in 1956.

In my introduction, I wrote, “G.I.’s are in part responsible for the upsurge in popularity of Italian food. If you think you enjoy partaking of it, you’ll be enchanted with cooking it. Here, color, texture, seasoning and infinite variations on the typical spaghetti and meatball can run riot…You, too, will thank Mr. Columbus.”

There’s three recipes here to run riot with; an excellent salad called “Insalata di Lattughe,” Veal Parmesan, or “Vitello Parmigiano,” and a mouth-watering sauce, “Salsa Marinara.” It was always a thrill to bring the taste of various cultures to the dinner table, and this brings you the flavors of Italy, with love. I hope that you try them and let me know what you think!

I’ve written out the recipe ingredients & instructions on the shared recipe page in case you’re not able to read the recipe cards.


 SHARED RECIPES: Vitello Parmigiano, Salsa marinara, and Insalata di Lattughe

full plate

First up, a preview!

Vitello Parmigiano:

vitello parmigiano


ingredients for vp

Fresh ingredients ensure fantastic flavor

Insalata di Lattughe:

Salad recipeSalsa Marinara:
marinara recipe
A Well-Dressed Dinner Table, complimented with Red Wine:dinner table Italian

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