The Shop Doors are Open

Tooth Sweet

My book “Tooth Sweet” from 1955, featuring a storefront full of delicious treats.

Some sharp-eyed followers of my blog may have seen that the foodofthefifties shop is now open for business. It has taken a bit of time to arrange my large inventory of cook books into the appropriate categories of “good, better, best,” which are correspondingly called, “Kitchen, Vintage, and Pristine Plus” at the online shop.

You may wonder where these original books—never sold before—have been hiding these past 27 years. In 1985, we stopped actively marketing the titles to focus on other publishing ventures.

They have been selling throughout the years, marketed by used-book stores, and online vendors, and I’ve often received fan letters from collectors with comments like “Have Cookbook Will Marry has become a family heirloom through 3 generations of cooks,” or “ I have been fascinated by your books since I was 6 years old and first saw them. I am in the used-book business now and have been collecting and selling them for many years. I thank you for your delightful contribution to food literature.” With accolades such as these coming in, it was most rewarding.

Because these books were not likely to go out of date, we decided to store the inventory in a large barn we had in the country. Why keep them in storage for decades you might ask? Why, for YOU dear Reader! Your parents and grandparents enjoyed them for the 33 years we had them for sale and we have held them for your pleasure.

They were all in mint condition but storage took some of the shine off—those copies we are selling as “Kitchen.” They’re perfect for kitchen use. The other two variations are Vintage and Pristine Plus. The Vintage issue is perfect for display or normal use, but because it’s near-mint and never has been sold or used, it’s perfect for collectors. The Pristine Plus is pluperfect, with an additional feature—I am personally signing custom-made bookmarks for each copy.

We have presented only 10 of the best sellers for sale at this time. Both volumes one and two of A Guide to Pink Elephants were far and away the best sellers.  Since they appealed equally to men and women, that doubled our audience. I recently met a man who had bought volume 1 in his college book store in 1972 . He still enjoys using it. The others are listed in order of publication. If there is a title you would like that is not shown in the shop you may request it by title. There are only one or two titles that have not yet turned up and we are “ still” unpacking inventory. Feel free to email me at

This week’s shared recipe is from Tooth Sweet. This book was so popular we had to reprint it within its first year of publication of 1955. I felt it was a fitting selection for this post because of the cover, which features a baker’s storefront.

I am sharing my Date Nut Meringue Cookie recipe. This was selected by my sons as the Father’s Day winner, because my husband loved these cookies. One of the many attractions of this recipe, besides its deliciousness, is that it is super-easy to make. Within 15 minutes of baking time, you’re ready for your celebration. Father’s Day is June 17th, so you have plenty of time to perfect your technique.

Please let us hear from you.

Chiers, Ruth

The Cookbook: Tooth Sweet

SHARED RECIPE: Date Nut Meringue Cookies

Date Night Meringue Cookies

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